Sunday, 23 August 2009

my 8,400.57057th day

1. aunt betty, 2. <3, 3. 74.365 - Party Time!, 4. 4th of June - this is my birthday, 5. The day I born..., 6. Happy BirthDay (^), 7. Excited, 8. A celebration tea, 9. A Birthday Party...

Inspired by design is mine's birthday themed flickr friday, here's one I made earlier. A random selection; some I liked the photographs, some the expressions and some the descriptions.

Thanks to Google Calculator's accuracy for the day count to the 5th decimal. It is my 23rd year!

Friday, 21 August 2009

olympus xa-2 photographs

I had wanted this to be a photo-only post, but then I thought 'what is the point of having a blog to develop your writing skills when you write nothing?'. It takes me a while to think of things to write sometimes, I hope with practise it will come easier. I blame it mostly on being a perfectionist. I can write with relative ease, being happy enough with the end result to actually use it is another story.

I took these on my Olympus XA-2 camera. It doesn't look all that special, probably because it isn't. It is small and robust though (vitally important if you belong to me). I take it most places. We have a difficult relationship, Oly and I. Most of the time the photographs are good. We're both happy. Sometimes the photographs don't come out at all. Naturally I blame this on a temperamental camera, whilst I suspect the camera blames it on my film loading skills.

Unfortunately my scanner is terrible, which somewhat defeats the point of scanning photographs of this nature but never mind.