Friday, 25 September 2009

sandcastles in the sand

Yesterday, I went for a walk on the beach and found this amazing sandcastle right next to the ramp. I love the amount of effort put in to it. I'm curious about who built it, how many people worked on it, how long it took and why.. Did they just get bored when they were spending time on the beach with their child, some buckets and a rake or did they premeditate it?

The level of detail was incredible.

Click for bigger pictures.

Monday, 21 September 2009

(..inspiring photographs..)

In the absence of time to make a real post, I shall regurgitate this meme from LiveJorunal.

- Post ten(I'm going to cheat and make this twenty 'cos I have so many) of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.

- No captions. It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.

- They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.

'tiny ropes of misery' by riitta ikonen

by cristiana ceppas

by ashlei

by Edward Gorey

by René Magritte

by toothpaste for dinner

by exploding dog

Looking Back by Peter Callesen

from Into the Wild

The Mummers

I'll come back and add credit to the ones I know at a later date.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

your eyes were cinnamon

I'm ill again (still) with a chest infection, which is hugely annoying. I avoid drugs so it takes a little (lot) longer to recover from these things using herbal remedies. It is shifting though and today I felt well enough to make the first apple crumble of the season! I love having a garden full of apple trees, it's just so nice to be able to go outside and pick them and then turn them into something delicious.

In honour of how autumnal I'm feeling I put together this playlist of songs on Spotify. The first half contains brooding songs, which remind me of darkened blustery days, wrapped up in scarves and boots. Then it starts to pick up a bit.
I'm not really very good at putting playlists together. I usually get 4 or 5 songs that go well together, and then fail at compiling the rest to make it a decent length.
Add it to your spotify here.

Beth Orton - Stolen Car
Jon Foreman - The Cure for Pain
Jason Collet - We All Lose One Another
Cat Power - Metal Heart
Laura Marling - My Manic & I
José González - Heartbeats
Pixies - Gouge Away
The Smiths - This Charming Man
Lightning Seeds - Change
The Turtles - Happy Together
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
Heavenly - Atta Girl
Ladytron - Ghosts

Autumn is definitely my favourite season. I'm going to make acorn cookies at some point, although probably a non-vegan version.

Friday, 4 September 2009

happy birthday blues

Ahh, so, 23. My birthday went OK. Which is pretty good, considering past birthdays. Unfortunately, I was ill with flu-like symptoms so we didn't do much. My sister and brother-in-law came home from their 6-week holiday in Italy early just to be there, which was nice, and I loved all my presents. So, not so bad really.

From my family, I got: a white wicker picnic basket, handmade bunting, a handmade noticeboard, fabric for a shirt dress I'm going to make, lots of Italian food & wine, a few natural body care products (including Burt Bees Dusting Powder & Badger Balm) as well as some other bits I can't quite remember.

Aster Giant Single Andrella

In the afternoon we walked around Felbrigg's walled gardens. It was a nice day for once (it usually rains), albeit a bit (very) windy. The gardens were smaller than I thought they would be but stunning nonetheless. After lazing around in the olive grove for a while we went home to watch a film and collapse. An eventful day.