Saturday, 9 January 2010

holga & expired film

I got my first Holga film back from the lab this morning. The film is heavily expired, so I wasn't sure what to expect. To be honest, I didn't think any of them would turn out at all.

You can see the others on my flickr.
I've got some photographs back from my Olympus XA2 as well, but I'll post those next time.

My friend managed to drag my ears away from my recent addiction to Arrah & the Ferns by introducing me to Mumford & Sons:

Some of my aims for the new year:

1) Take more photographs

2) Learn PHP

3) Set up a directory of UK Etsy Sellers (this will incorporate #2 to some extent)

4) Craft more

5) Blog more

6) Comment more

Essentially it could just be changed to "procrastinate less".

Happy (belated) new year everyone!


  1. the etsy seller directory would be awesome! I would be willing to help out if you need anything? I saw you mentioned it on thriftstore :) I love the photos, the expiration marks looks like they were on purpose! they're great. x

  2. Oh that would be brilliant, thank you! I'm going to add you on LJ, hope that's ok?

    Thanks :D Now I know the sort of effect the expired film produces hopefully I can use it to my advantage (even if it is a bit unpredictable still) x

  3. These pictures are brilliant. Well done you!

  4. Sarry! It's been so long! How are you?

    Thank you :)